The choral program at First Presbyterian Church is an integral part of the worship life of the congregation. It seeks to express the love and glory of God and enhance the worship experience through inspiring and artistic expressions of praise.

In keeping with the rich tradition and heritage of musical excellence of our church and in recognizing the relationship of spiritual and musical growth, the choral program aspires to offer learning opportunities for all of its participants. We also work to glorify the message of God’s redeeming love.

Our mission at First Presbyterian Church is to bring glory to Jesus Christ through music!

Our Most Current Choir Members are: 

  • Steve Steinruaf
  • Mary Osburn
  • Ramona Dobson
  • Tom Clapp
  • Kelley Head (Pianist & Organist)
  • Carl Kremer
  • Arlys Kremer
  • Patrice Zap
  • Kent Palmer
  • Marna Palmer
  • Jim Stervermer
  • Judy McKinnon
  • Mike Perkowski
  • Debbie Perkowski
  • Phyllis Karr
  • Kathleen Jeffries